Sunday, January 9, 2011


this morning, 
my friend -fath- and i went to hike bukit jambul...
we started our journey from maktab around 6.30 am
we reached at the starting point at 6.40 am
after few minutes of climbing, i felt i'm out of breath...
what a  scary moment...
i think i want to quit...
it felt so2 hard...

 i was taking a bit of rest...
i thought i lost my leg...hahaha..
how i want to climb another hill???
afer almost 20 minutes and few pit stop...
i managed to reach at the top...
it was a very nice awesome feeling to be at the top of the hill...
eventhough i was breathing like i'm stuck in the small room fighting for oxygen...

it was a great feeling to see the sun rises
and bring new hopes...
first few minutes, i think it is impossible to reach at the top...
in the end...
with courage from my friend i did it...
and enjoying a very nice view of penang from the top...
next stop

bukit bendera

p/s: kan best kalu mrs right dapat ikut sama...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


jom pegi kelas
nak mula dah jap lagi
tapi x siap lagi
malas plak
da last sem 
2 yg tambah malas

Sunday, January 2, 2011


second day in penang
nothing much
esok da nak mula kelas
semester terakhir
perasaaan bercampur baur

semua ada
berharap semuanya berakhir dengan gembira

b.ed teyl 
2007 - 2011 

Saturday, January 1, 2011


new year
i just arrived in penang
for my last semester of six year programme
feel kinda sad
all mixed together
it has been a while since i wrote my last entry

i have a lot to write