Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 months/180days/half of the year

tomorrow 19/5/2011
is the day to celebrate this wonderful event

19/11 - 19/5

my dear sweetheart, 
without we realize we are now approaching half of the year celebration
and i do remember 
it was in the exam week too
still exam week

but it will never stop my love for you even during the exam week

my dear 
nurul nadiah azlan

thank you 
for giving me the chance to love you
and be love by you

thank you for everything

i would like to wish you 

happy anniversary sayang
happy 6 months of anniversary
happy 180 days of wonderful relationship

happy anniversary my love

i love you
will always love you

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

teacher's day

16 may every year

it is the day where the teacher all over Malaysia celebrate their sweat and tear teaching Malaysian to face the real world. p/s: it's not a public holiday - should be one- PM please take note

not only the one who stand in front of your class for at least 30 minutes or just sit in the special chair in the class
is the one who teach the least knowledge and they have contribute so much in your growing up.
it is so much you have done to the people
who the one that really care in your study
who the one seriously wants you to be good people
to be the person you want to be
the person who can bring goods to the world

the one that always make sacrifice to see their people success

thank you for all you have done

i would like to wish 
all my teacher from my pre school to the university level and in the future

thank you