Wednesday, May 11, 2011


this entry i dedicated to my mrs right
i was reading about her new super cool blog 
and \
guest what?
 i was about to cry while reading her first ever entry
it's really touched my heart and soul reading her new entry
and yes i was about to tear
i love you so much

your sacrifice to make your new blog
made me love you more and more

i love you so much sayang
you always know how to make me melting 
with your action

i will try the best to make sure our dreams
will become reality one day
one day
i promise you sayang

please be with me
 because i'll

i'll be with you 
through thick and thin
rich and poor
health and sick
ease and difficult
everything and anything sayang

you know how much i love you
it can't be describe by words

i always pray to be with you

dear ALLAH,
Please grant us to be together one day
as the real husband and wife
i'm promise to take care of her and guide her 
to be a faithful, solehah wife
and let her  to be the mother of my future son and daughter
dear ALLAH
only to YOU 
Please forgive us and guide us to be a good servant.

p/s mia sara amani i'll wait for you to see this wonderful world

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cik ayuri said...

muchuk!!! i love so muchhh